Monday, June 6, 2011

zx6r + wood on freeway = Damage to fairings!

Out of the two motorcycles, I primarily use the zx6r motorcycle. Not just because of the looks, but because I think I am addicted to the speed! I try to be careful as much as I can, but I do find myself riding a little to fast on residential streets. To my defense, you become nullified to the speed after a few months of riding motorcycles and you will catch yourself doing 60mph on a 35mph posted street.

So, riding at fast speeds like that, you can just imagine how fast I go on the freeway. I have dramatically slowed down after a incident which had happened on the freeway.

I was a little late to school, it was midterms week. So I crammed as much as I could in the morning before heading out to school. Little did I realize that time was ticking away. Once it hit me, I got suited up and I was ready to go. Once on the freeway I was hitting a little above 75mph before getting on the carpool lane, from there on I was doing triple digits because the carpool lane was fairly empty. After a few minutes I had caught up to a few cars ahead of me. I had decided that I would bypass them and continue at maybe 80-90mph. I had bypassed about four cars before we came to a miner right curve on the freeway, but at high speeds you on more susceptible to blind-spots on the upcoming pavement on the freeway. With little care, I gave the motorcycle more throttle to bypass a car that was alongside me.

As I did, I glimpsed down for a millisecond and that is when I saw it, a damn 4x4 of wood in my path! You could just imagine what went through my mind. I can not recall my speed, that was the last time I was thinking about. My main priority was to slow down as much as possible without getting hit from the back and/or slamming into something. I had no way of escaping, the vehicle I tried to pass up was right alongside me, and swerving into regular freeways lanes was not an option as there was heavy traffic. My only option was to stabilize the motorcycle and go over the wood.

So to be honest, I do not know at what speed I went over the wood. All I remember was getting about 1.5-2.5 seconds of air time. That was not a very good feeling. I will continue with the story in my next Blog and I will provide more pictures of the damage! Stay tuned!


  1. Agh, watch yourself buddy, looking forward to the next part of the story, will be back. Following.

  2. Wow, watch out and be careful!

  3. Good thing you're still alive, I crashed my friends bike a couple of years ago.

  4. Dude, you have to be more careful. I lost my uncle about a year ago because of a motorcycle accident- would hate the same to happen to you, stranger.

    Either way, good stuff, man.

  5. wow thanks for the warning man, i hope you publish more warnings im reading daily now!

  6. Oh wow thats scary! dont die, then i can't follow your awesome blogs! haha :)