Friday, June 10, 2011

The downfall of Nintendo

Nintendo has not provided anything new to date. Do not get me wrong, the Wii was revolutionary during its release. I was one of the many that purchased the Wii not just because it was revolutionary, but because it looked like something new and exciting. Well, fast forward to today, my Wii is stored away collecting dust.

I have to give great credit to Nintendo's marketing team. Because, if I knew graphics were not going to be up to par with the Wii's competitors then I would not of purchased it. I feel as if I was conned! Another complaint was the fact that the Wii could not do what was advertised, the motion sensors were out of control and games became a nuisance to play.

Now, this takes me to my last note on this topic. Nintendo continues to milk their platform exclusive games.
How many Mario revision games are we going to see? How many Zelda games are they planning on making before people start to catch on? How many times is Metroid going to be attacked by aliens that she killed years ago? We need something new, not remakes and revamps of old classic games with improved graphics.

The Wii was a complete disappointment. I do not understand how Nintendo could state the Wii was a "next-gen" console. The specifications on the Wii's hardware were comparable to the Gamecube's specifications.

With that said, the Nintendo Wii U is said to have specifications comparable to the PS3 and the 360. That is not a next-generation console guys! Why would I buy a console that has the same specs as the PS3 or the 360, when there are going to be more powerful console out there? I believe this may be the second to last console Nintendo will release and follow SEGA's path. If I am wrong, Nintendo needs to open their eyes and understand that they can not compete against Microsoft or Sony.

Nintendo's disappointment at E3


  1. I fear that Nintendo may have made a misstep with the Wii U, but if the consumers buy then it isn't a failure. If Nintendo can get people to buy it, it won't fail. Period.

    Good stuff, man.

  2. I think some really creative game design options become available with the use of a separate interface for each player. We'll see what game creators come up with.

  3. Yup youre right, this is really the downfall of Nintendo...